SunRise Road NPC

Now is the time to Rise and Shine!

About Us

SunRise Road NPC is a Non-Profit Company (Registration Number 2012/215898/08) established in 2012 by Wapadrant Congregation, to be the vehicle, to drive initiatives and to run projects in the congregation and the Pretoria East community, in order to positively impact the lives of all members of the community.

This however cannot be achieved by the company on its own, and we thus strive to establish collaboration between organisations, institutions and people within the local community, in order to further the main objective of the organisation.

At the moment SunRise Road NPC is driving various charitable initiatives & projects in the Pretoria East community and we are proud to say that in a very short space of time we have already had a major impact on the community.

In his Chairman’s Report  the Chairman of the local (Garsfontein) Community Policing Forum (CPF) for example wrote the following:

 As community we were really blessed in the past year with two major projects that came to fruit – that will surely assist the community in years to come:

(1.) The establishment of the Trauma Support Centre during the early part of 2013 at the police station was the culmination and result of hard work of the management of the Sunrise Community Project.  The facility is available for the support of people after traumatic incidents. 

(2.) As a result of the success the management of Sunrise also got involved with the establishment of a Job Seekers Support Centre which was launched in the past week.  The process entails the vetting and checking of job seekers’ information against the SAPS database and confirming that they are not wanted for criminal activity or have not committed criminal activity in the previous 5 years.  When possible they are assisted to compile a CV and also issued with a job seekers ID with a photo and ID no.  The peace of mind speaks for itself.  I can just re-iterate the appreciation of the CPF towards the Station Management and the SunRise Project for this work done in support of the community. - Hannes Enslin, Acting Chairman: Garsfontein CPF, 16 Sept 2013 

As can be derived from the above our expenses are extensive and our needs are huge. Bear in mind that we are largely dependent on donations and sponsorship for our income. In order to raise more funds we are organising events like golf days and we are also inviting community members to make donations.

We will appreciate if you can also make other local community members and/or your work colleagues aware of these free services provided by our organisation.

Help from volunteers, sponsors and donors will be appreciated.