SunRise Road NPC

Now is the time to Rise and Shine!

SunRise JobSeeker Support.

Our project is unfortunately currently on hold due to various reasons. Please visit the  Labour Centre @ Lynnwoodrif NG Church on Wednesdays from 09:00. Website: 

 Unemployed people (mostly domestic workers) come to register on Wednesday mornings.  All the information about candidate  is entered on a database (background, skills, references, etc.)  They receive Coffee / Tea and sandwiches and attend a church service (Pastor from Mamelodi). 

Potential employers register for a fee of R 250 to have access to candidate’s information for a period.  They provide the center with their requirements and criteria who then search the data base for potential candidates.

Potential employers then choose who they want to interview and do the interview there or at a later time.  If a candidate is successful, the agreement / contract is concluded between the employer and the employee.

Feedback is received of workers causing problems / behaving badly and their names are “black listed” on the database.

During the rest of the week the following administrative work is performed:

  • Mainly via eMails
  • Data entry (database)
  • Recieve requirements from potential employers
  • Seeking the database for potential candidates and sending these to potential employers
  • Arrangements for interviews