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Now is the time to Rise and Shine!

Sunshine Kidz Camp – “Die Hoekie”

3 - 5 July 2017 

It was with great excitement that Errol Mears, Sunshine Kidz Project Manager, 3 volunteers and 20 children, got onto the minibus on the 3d of July 2017.  Leaving Wapadrant Church for a 3 day camp at “die Hoekie”. Some of these children have never ever been on a camp and they were extremely curious of what they will see, where will they sleep, outside?  The children were identified by the Social worker at Laerskool Garsfontein and off course the children from SunRise after School care facility.   

When arriving at “die Hoekie” the children and volunteers were treated to a sweets parcel, and the fun started.  All the personnel at “die Hoekie” were really great with the children and also the volunteers who joined Errol.  Thank you for your hard work and patience with the children.  

Our theme for the camp “Jesus makes me new”. One can just imagine all the energy and courage, it takes for these children, to get up every day and decide this is a new day and I will rise above my circumstances and just enjoy life to the fullest, in spite of any challenge.  

Activities were organized to help build their self-esteem, and promote team work.  Low rope course, wall climb, “boeresport” and then of course the ultimate zipline. Some children, needed a little bit of extra motivation to climb the wall or do zipline but once they conquered there fear, it was all in and they even went more than once.  A few of the children actually decided to test the water of the swimming pool but not one could bare the cold longer than maybe two minutes, brave souls.


When it came to leaving “die Hoekie” some of the children left with a heavy heart and wished that the fun could never stop, although they were all exhausted, and slept most of the way back home none of them regretted going and the only question they had were, when can we go on a camp again?

What a privilege it was to share the love and grace of God with these children, to be witness to their braveness and companionship, and to be humbled by their complete trust in God.   

This was our first trial camp and there will be more camps like these, with more children, we cannot wait to start organizing the next one. And off course none of this would have been possible without all the donations and prayers of everybody involved, a big THANK YOU!!

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